Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spotted: A Feast For Crows (Book IV in A Song of Ice and Fire) by George R. R. Martin

Where: N-train
Digital reading device: A Nook, I believe.
Line from the text used to track down the book title later: “Meribald was a septon without a sept, only one step up from a begging brother in the hierarchy of the Faith.”
Since you asked... in Game of Thrones lore, a septon is a priest in the Faith of Seven.
And a sept = a temple.
Speaking of George R. R. Marvelous, did anyone go to this? If so, color me jealous (a deep shade of puce, I think).
Who was reading: A balding man in a baggy pinstripe suit. He perched tensely upon the subway bench, long limbs folded close to his body like the wings of a vulture. In fact, his general demeanor was not unvulturelike at all—I could easily picture him roosted atop some lonesome desert snag, watching.
Anyway, like a vulture(?), he was unadorned by notable fripperies, but for a watchband that had snakeskin pattern stamped upon some leather of indeterminate origin—cowskin at best, rat leather at worst, and fruit leather at tastiest.
Speaking of which… they should totally make fruit-leather-bound editions of classic books. (Are you listening, Everyman’s Library?) For the first time, readers will find Finnegan’s Wake easily digestible. Gluttonous bookies may even finish the likes of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time in just one sitting!


  1. Guys, the Book Spy has finally gone crazy. We did this to her. WE, WITH OUR INSATIABLE NEED FOR ENTERTAINMENT.

  2. What tipped you off, Middlemunch?

  3. Fruit-leather-bound books:

    I made them with ham & cheese. Delicious and with the same effect.

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