Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Tale of Two Tomes: The Holy Bible & The Girl Who Played with Fire

Where: R-train
Who was reading: A mustachioed, middle-aged man in brown trousers, green fleece and a blue raincoat.
From halos to hell-fires: He spent maybe 10 minutes with the bible and closer to 40 on the Stieg Larsson.
Peeking out from the Bible's pages were: Post-its and receipts. Is nothing sacred?
Besides which: he was totally leaning against the car door. You know, the one with the "Do not lean" sign? I guess he bows to a higher authority than the MTA.
But that's no excuse for the fact . . . that he slid open said door to toss a just-used Kleenex onto the tracks. Have our cultural expectations deteriorated so far that this is considered acceptable behavior? I cringe to ponder the answer.

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