Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spotted: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Where: R-train
Who was reading: Who isn't reading this book right now? But in this case it was a tall white guy (like alabaster white guy) with wispy bangs and a little fluff of moustache, or "fluff-stache" if you will.
New York Magazine on Freedom: "A work of total genius."
B.R. Myers on Freedom: "A 576-page monument to insignificance. . . . Jonathan Franzen’s juvenile prose creates a world in which nothing important can happen."
The Millions on B.R. Myers:Myers writes as if the purpose of criticism were to obliterate its object. . . . He offers us in place of insight only indigestion."
Holy Smokes, Bullwinkle, the critics have turned on each other!!

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  1. nice blog
    procrastination is a wonderful thing isn't it!
    And I read that review, I think and I think it made me almost swear off books, much less books by Franzen