Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hobbit reader uses the subway to get "There and Back Again"

Where: Either the N or the Q—my recollections of this morning are kind of fuzzy
Who was reading: A tall man with strangely protuberant veins. His mouth twitched rapidly as he read softly aloud to himself.
So Tolkien is pretty cool… but a part of me suspects that he traveled forward in time to steal all his ideas from Terry Brooks' Shannara trilogy.
If this reader were an inhabitant of Middle Earth… he’d be tricky to place. Too tall to be a hobbit. Too short to be an ent. Too ruddy for an elf, and not ruddy enough for a herdsman of Rohirrim. Definitely not cheery enough to be Tom Bombadil… Maybe a younger, less evil version of Saruman?

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