Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spotted: Sunny Chandler's Return by Sandra Brown

Where: A-train
Who was reading: A young woman with rigid posture and cat scratches on one hand.
To be fair... the scratches could have come from any clawed animal.
In Latham Green, Louisiana we lay our scene [an excerpt from chapter 1]:
"Who is she?"
"Her name is Sunny Chandler."
"You know her?"
"Since third grade."
"Might have been second grade."
"So she grew up here?"
"Where's she been?"
"All your life?"
The first man frowned as he looked down at the second man...

Criminy! What an opening! Where HAS she been? And why does this mysterious "first man" want to know? Is he attracted to her sexually? The cover art certainly evokes flames of passion. And what about that "second man," he seems to know an awful lot about Sunny Chandler. A suspiciously awful lot. What actually happened in third grade (or possibly second)? And how will first man get his lasso around slippery Sunny, when the secrets that surround her make her harder to pin down than a greased pig?
Only one way to find out: Read the book! ...Or actually, check to see if they made it into a Lifetime movie yet.

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  1. This hasn't been made into a TV movie, but her novel French Silk has--starring Susan Lucci and Shari Belafonte, no less! Take that Jonathan Franzen!