Monday, January 10, 2011

Spotted: The First Wave by James R. Benn

Where: An eatery just outside security at the Portland International Airport (PDX).
Another airport post, really? I know, I know. I just returned from a little trip to the provinces, but I’ll be back to the subway tomorrow, honest!
Who was reading: An off-duty pilot, juggling his book with a carton of Panda Express.
“Can I be the spy on this one?” asked my mother, who had been kind enough to help me kill some time before my flight. "Sure,” I told her, but after 4 or 5 sly laps around his table, she came back—sans results.
“You’re such an amateur, Mom.” I scoffed. “Let me show you how it’s done.”
But much to my chagrin, The pilot’s considerable bulk completely obscured the book from view. No matter how, I craned my neck, all I got was shoulder, shoulder, and more shoulder. I returned to my seat in despair and proceeded to stew while a conversation happened around me. I couldn’t let it go. 
So finally, as we were leaving... I threw caution to the wind and sidled right up behind the man. I was sure my proximity would cause him to turn; some minute breeze roused by my movements would stir the hairs on his neck and condemn us both to an exceedingly awkward interaction....
Instead: success! Maybe it was just an after-effect of the radiation from the body-scanner, but I like to think it was exultation that made the stale airplane air taste sweeter than ever.

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  1. Bookspying involves more skill than one might imagine. It involves visual acuity, upside down reading, and serious social risk-taking. I am proud of my offspring. Don't blame me for the sarcasm.