Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spotted: Happy Hour is for Amateurs: A Lost Decade in the World's Worst Profession

The world's worst profession being: Law
Where: Portland International Airport (PDX) 
Who was reading: A young woman, striding confidently from the arrivals terminal to short term parking with a wheeled suitcase in tow. She held her nose high in the air, and her book right before it.
It’s so impressive... when people successfully read while walking. The last time I did this was probably in grade school, when I made a habit of walking home completely absorbed in one of the Redwall books by Brian Jacques. Apropos of which, anyone else think mouse warriors might be due for a comeback?

From the publisher: A juvenile, raucous, and entertaining memoir that follows the antics of one lawyer in Philadelphia from law school to law practice as he devotes 10 years of his life to one of our country′s most popular yet unsavory professions. . . . offers a wry and hilarious look into the monotony of the nine to five workplace and the debauched release that goes on when the sun goes down.
This book would be 9-10 times better if: It didn't have a Tucker Max quote on the cover.
The legal profession would be 9-10 times better if: the constitution were written in rhyming couplets. Also if there were jobs.


  1. I read so many Jacques books when I was a kid...and yes, I think mouse warriors should have a comeback!

  2. I'll start screen-printing "Team Matthias" T-shirts tonight!