Friday, February 4, 2011

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Fridays: Contact by Carl Sagan

Where: B-train
Who was reading: A hirsute half-ster (read: all suited up for the workday, but with greasy hair that screamed "Bushwick!") He had those crazy earlobes that flow directly into the skull. You may have learned about this genetic trait in biology class, but it doesn't become real until you see it in the flesh.
If he were science fiction character... he would be, idunno, a lab technician? What can I say? People who carry those unfortunate laptop bags just don't excite the imagination.
Contact High: This is what Carl Sagan was on after Simon and Schuster gave him a $2 million advance on this book in 1981.
High Horse: This is what he mounted after he won his Pulitzer in 1978.
And the book is about? Extraterrestrial something, technologically advanced, etc. If you're familiar with the genre it kind of writes itself in your head..

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