Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See Spot. See Spot Spotting Sheetzucacapoopoo by Joy Behar. Run Spot Run!

Where: N-train
Who was reading: A wide-eyed tot occupying half of a double stroller and all of a puffy little jacket decorated with psychedelic flowers.
On a scale of 1 to cute... she rated “as a button.”
Her gaze did not stray from the book until it was DONE. Making me call into question the idea that adults are somehow more cerebrally advanced. I developed the idea for a while, and then this shiny Publishers Weekly review caught my attention....
Here's what PW had to say: “Conveys the energy of the cavorting canines. Yet the story's stabs at humor tend to miss their mark . . .”
That sounds familiar. Kind of like most of my experiences trying to initiate conversation with strangers.

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