Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spotted: Dead Cities and Other Tales by Mike Davis

While New York is alive and well… navigating the icy streets this morning kind of made me wish I were dead. In all fairness, though, I might wish I were even more dead if I lived in Davis’s favorite city to berate: Los Angeles.
Where: Q-train
Who was reading: A petite woman with heavy eye makeup and a pageboy haircut from which two perfectly shaped slivers of ear peeked out like pink seashells.
But what are these 20-some-odd essays about? “There’s no general thesis here, aside from the big-time subjects that typically preoccupy Davis: the city (especially Los Angeles, which figures in maybe half the essays); government scams; the police and police-state repression, particularly among America’s urban poor and disenfranchised; the ecological impact of greed and capitalist corruption; the depredations of racism and middle-class ignorance.” —Metrotimes 
This is the type of shit... my college freshman self could have really gotten on board with—probably while plotting subversive acts on some Williamsburg fire escape and smoking clove cigarettes by the carton-full.

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