Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spotted: Pandolfini’s Ultimate Guide to Chess

Also available as an ebook! And I’m sure the diagrams don’t get effed up at all on your ereader screen.
Where: N-train
Who was reading: A man in a long woolen coat and meticulously gelled brunette plumage.
Where you know him from (Bruce Pandolfini, that is): He's the face on the box of Mattel’s computer chess. Also, he was famously portrayed by Ben Kingsley in the 1993 film Searching for Bobby Fisher.
Check Mate! Or not. A Dutch study shows that women find professional chess-players romantically undesirable. Copious anecdotal evidence tends to support this theory, and furthermore suggests that its holds true across borders. 
I hope this doesn't mean... the man on the train cried himself to sleep this Valentine's Day.
Anyhow, chess is OK… but cribbage is better.

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