Friday, February 25, 2011

Fantasy Fridays: Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

Book 11… in the “Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” series.
Where: N-train
Who was reading: A middle-aged woman in a full length red felt coat with a gold maple leaf brooch. She was huddled against the bars at the end of the bench as if to escape from her fellow passengers and delve further into the book.
What’s in a name? (via Wikipedia): “The meaning of the title is not apparent, but may refer at least in part to the sheets in Jean-Claude's bed, which Anita refers to several times as cerulean blue in this novel, and to the activities that occur in that bed.”
Shit, you mean someone’s already named a novel after sheets? So much for my smooth-jazz themed historical romance, Rhapsody in Beige.
Ditto this middle grade fantasy I've had in the pipeline, Bertram Bug’s Bedspread Battle: In which a plucky young bedbug defeats the sinister Subtratrulon, a wizard who uses his evil mind powers (ie. a basic knowledge of mathematics) to reduce the thread counts of unsuspecting snoozers.


  1. I'm confused -- what does the wizard have to gain by compromising the thread counts? But otherwise this sounds like a rollicking good read.

  2. The smug awareness that he will always be slightly more comfortable than others.