Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spotted: Strange Battles of the Civil War by Webb Garrison Jr.

Where: Southwest flight 1684 from DEN to PDX.
Who was reading: A hirsute gentleman with a large rounded belly straining against purple suspenders.
When asked what he was reading: The man blushed and in a reserved Texas drawl, he mumbled "Oh, just some trash."
Don't look an honorary "horse" in the mouth. This little book contains some way cool facts. For example, on October 29, 1863, "union mules stampede Confederate troops at Wauhatchie, Tennessee, and the Federal quartermaster recommends they be brevated to the rank of 'horse.'" (via Amazon). 
Giddyup! Maybe this means my petition to be promoted to cyborg actually stands a chance.
Supplementary reading: He also had copy of Sports Afield—a magazine on big game hunting—which led to an intriguing dialogue on animal attacks.
If ever you should happen upon an angered Cape Buffalo in the wild, beware! "They look at you like you owe them money." said the man.

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  1. Webb! What a career that man had. A truly unique sort.