Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spotted: The True Memoirs of Little K by Adrienne Sharp

Where: B-train
Who was reading: A jittery woman with glasses dangling about her neck from an elastic rope. She had a compact red nose like something out of an antihistamine commercial.
UNCORRECTED PROOF—NOT FOR SALE was printed just above a sticker that read $1.00. 
For shame! Second-hand bookstores are among my favorite places to while away an hour or 3, but it really irks me when they sell these advance copies. I'm looking at you, Smith Family Bookstore.
Tag-line from O Magazine : "A very old woman recounts her life story. Sort of."
Which is to say... in this fictional diary of Mathilde Kschessinska, a self-proclaimed mistress of Czar Nicholas Romanov, the 99 year old narrator readily describes her account as a "concoction of fiction and lies." Accordingly, the story raises a number of question marks, but then poetic truth isn't supposed to be about establishing facts, is it? What the book does purport to offer is a unique angle on the Russian Revolution and some of the principal personalities involved.

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