Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spotted: Elizabeth by J. Randy Taraborrelli

Where: N-train
When: The Dead of Night.
Who was reading: A tall, willowy woman with frizzled hair woven into a braid, and a yellowing paperback clutched in both hands. She seemed utterly oblivious to her surroundings.
A starred review for a star's review: "Ordinarily, readers might question the logic of a new tome on a celebrity who already has at least six full-length biographies (and four self-penned books) devoted to her life, but Elizabeth Taylor has never been ordinary. . . . her roller-coaster life could easily read like a high-sheen soap opera" (via PW ).
Dissipation Sensation: Elizabeth Taylor was the first celebrity substance abuser ever to check into the Betty Ford Clinic, a ritual that would later be commemorated in cartoon song-and-dance on the "Twin Towers" episode of The Simpsons. You might say Taylor was a pioneer, breaking ground for the numberless Mary Kates and Robert Downeys of today. Clearly she did it with a bit more style, though.

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