Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spotted: Great Expectations (¡en Español!) by Charles Dickens

Where: Q-train
Who was reading: A kindly woman with wire-rimmed glasses perched on the end of her nose and the book perched right in front. A Jansport backpack rested on the ground between her feet. 
Question for hipster readers: Are these backpacks cool on account of nostalgia or did that moment come and go? Or did I just imagine it?
Oh Pip... Why couldn't he get over Estella and choose someone sensible like Biddy?
Original ending vs. the revision? Personally I prefer the original, in which "she [Estella] gave me [Pip] the assurance that suffering had been stronger than Miss Havisham's teaching, and had given her a heart to understand what my heart used to be."
Waaaaaay less sappy than: "I saw no shadow of another parting from her."

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  1. Must be an enjoyable read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.