Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spotted: Ideas in Food by Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot

Where: Q-train
Who was reading: A tall, studious man with rain-dampened hair and stray droplets all over his person, catching the light when he shifted position. A drop or two could even be seen sliding down the book's cover and wearing down the adhesive of a Strand sticker which the reader peeled off mid-ride.
Reviews are mixed (then poured into a lightly greased Bundt pan) with some readers gushing over Talbot and Kamozawa's creativity and ability to inspire, and others reporting difficulty applying the ideas in a home kitchen. Guess this is the sort of book that separates the foodies from the faux-dies.
Who do the authors read? "In my youth, before I ever worked in a restaurant, the writers who I read first and stayed with me the longest include MFK Fisher, Laurie Colwin, John Thorne, James Villas, John T Edge, Roy Andries de Groot, Jane Grigson, Pierre Franey, James Beard, Nicholas Freeling, Madeleine Kamman, Calvin Trilling, Raymond Sokolov and Mimi Sheraton. I’ve always been a reader." —Aki Kamozawa
To learn more: visit their super-cool blog upon which the book was based.

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